Currently, there exists a tendency of measuring the knowledge and success of students by their fluency in English language, the books they carry in their school bag, the home tasks assigned to them and the marks they score in the examination. No one cares about changes in their attitude and behavior. No one is bothered to check how social and friendly they have become after joining the school and whether they have respect for disabled and elderly people and love for young ones. Today’s world offers your children many temptations without the life experience to deal with them. But, we NCCS people believe in development of positive outlook and change in the attitude of the student. This school with all its capable and experienced faculty members is trying to achieve this target. We spend time, money, energy, etc., to mould and nurture our students, culturally, physically, socially and psychologically in order to serve others, the society,the country. We find happiness and joy in the service of our country by crafting noble and worthy citizens for our motherland.

Message from the Principal

Welcome to National Creative Co-educational School,

Started in its own premises at chandol in the year 2013, this educational institution has stepped towards its goal of assuring learning excellence and readiness for a changing world for all our students and thereby earned the goodwill and faith of all their respected parents and guardians. “Achievement for all through the pursuit of excellence” – with this motto we are moving forward to achieve our goal to produce self sustained and successful Nepalese citizens willing to devote their skills and knowledge for the betterment of their country and society.

Along with imparting basic education in classroom, our institution stresses on the core values for life such as

  • • Integrity - Doing the “right thing” at all times with honesty and accuracy
  • • Respect - Embracing of our differences, treating others as we wish to be treated
  • • Excellence – Striving for quality in all we do and the courage to challenge for it
  • • Adaptability - Engaging in flexible, continuous and purposeful change for betterment
  • • Responsibility - Shared accountability for our words, actions, choices and results
  • • Engagement - Active participation with a mission-focus and values-driven attitude
  • • Collaboration – Team working and cooperation across our community

Besides education, students are involved in other extracurricular activities (ECA), such as sports, yoga, exhibitions, excursions, dance, music, art and crafts. We provide them with hygienic food and healthy environment for their overall development. Our vision is to continually improve our education system to ensure that all learners are provided with the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to be productive citizens in the coming years.

I feel that my responsibility as the Principal is to ensure your child receives a quality education within a safe, respectful environment. From this prospectus we are inviting all the students and parents to visit our school and find out the difference and book seats at earliest.

Shanker Raj Joshi


For School the main objective of education is that students live with the ability to think critically and analyze a given situation. Critical thinking skills apply to all subjects taught within a given program, including math, science and language arts. Students are encouraged to think for themselves rather than accept a given rule, and to perform a critical analysis in a situation that calls for one. As such, this school encourages a friendly atmosphere among students. They are also taught basic things such as how to listen to elders and how to treat others with dignity and respect. All the students are given an opportunity to show, enhance and develop their potentials in a lively atmosphere. Besides, they are given an opportunity to have sufficient play time at home by completing home assignments in school with the assistance of experienced teachers.

Vision & Mission

Education offers wide knowledge & a healthy base for children. A hassle free educational back up is needed in this current era to mould the child as a best achiever, all-rounder, & a top level success personality. Education is not merely a means for earning a living or an instrument for the acquisition of wealth. It is an initiation into life of spirit, a training of the human soul in the pursuit of truth and the practice of virtue. Keeping this goal in mind and with valuable cooperation from parents and well-wishers, the NCCS Team will continue its Quest towards Excellence.

Parent Organization

This school was launched under the flagship of National college of computer studies (NCCS), a highly professional educational institution that has been in the scene since 2001. NCCS has been running Bachelor level programs like BIM , BHM and BSc. CSIT under the affiliation from Tribhuvan University. The Plus Two division was another successful addition to the NCCS institution in the year 2004, with stream in Management. Now NCCS organizing committee has decided to launch this school with sole aim to guide the students right from the start of their educational career as per the trend of NCCS.


We believe that Education is the base that prepares human life adequately for performance of specific activities in various spheres of life. However numerous and diverse they may be from any social class or culture, the main objective of our curriculum is to prepare students with ability, attitudes, habits, appreciations and forms of knowledge that will be required once they step into the world of affairs. The school has introduced an additional curriculum that is developed on the basis of Nepal Government’s Curriculum and conserves the cultural heritage. Besides, emphasis is given on education methodology that will bring good harmony between diversified cultural and linguistic groups.

Family of the School

School's family, constitute of teachers, students, parents and guardians coming from various nationalities, cultures, religions and linguistic groups. In order to bring harmony between these groups and improve education system that can lead to good relationship, cooperation and harmony between these diversified groups, the School conducts periodic meeting and consultation programs and tries to incorporate propositions and suggestions of such meetings in the education system