Faculty Members & Staff

NCCS has a faculty team of well educated, trained and experienced faculty members. They all are well mannered, polite and friendly. Similarly, our administrative staff is very friendly, cooperative and informative. All the members of School are always ready to provide any kind of assistance needed by students and parents or guardians.

# Teachers Designation
1 Shanker Raj Joshi Principal
2 Bineeta Pandey Vice-Principal
3 Barna Tamang Acharya Co-ordinator (Primary)
4 Smriti Malla Co-ordinator (Lower Secondary)
5 Rajendra Adhikari Co-ordinator (Secondary)
6 Krishna Raj Khanal Co-ordinator (Higher Secondary)
7 Abhishek Shakya Teacher (Arts & Craft)
8 Anil Lekhey Teacher (Lower Secondary)
9 Anu Shakti Jisuki Teacher (Lower Secondary)
10 Anu Shrestha Teacher (Primary)
11 Arpana Prikoti Teacher (Secondary)
12 Balaram Sunuwar (Binup) Teacher (Dance)
13 Bhagwan Jha Teacher (Secondary)
14 Bina Sitaula Teacher (Primary)
15 Bindu Chand Teacher (Primary)
16 Bishnu hari Ghimire Teacher (Secondary)
17 Dibya Chalise Teacher (Primary)
18 Gayatri Devi Ghimire Teacher (Lower Secondary)
19 Indra Mani Dahal Teacher (Secondary)
20 Jaya Sharma Teacher (Primary)
21 Jhanak Raj Ghimire Teacher (Secondary)
22 Kajal Thapa (Rana) Teacher (Lower Secondary)
23 Khilanath Khatiwada (Sohan) Teacher (Lower Secondary)
24 Manisha Bamma Teacher (Primary)
25 Manoj Basnet Teacher (Secondary)
26 Meena Bhattarai Teacher (Primary)
27 Meghraj Sapkota Teacher (Secondary)
# Teachers Designation
28 Narbada Shah Teacher (Lower Secondary)
29 Naomi Sharma Teacher (Primary)
30 Nilima Rijal Teacher (Primary)
31 Nishant Jarga Magar Teacher (Lower Secondary)
32 Nitu Thapa Teacher (Primary)
33 Parbati Chalise Teacher (Lower Secondary)
34 Prashant Khadka Teacher (Music)
35 Pratikshya Karmacharya Teacher (Primary)
36 Rabita Shrestha Teacher (Primary)
37 Radhika Maharjan Teacher (Primary)
38 Ranju Majhi Teacher (Primary)
39 Rashmi Parajuli Teacher (Lower Secondary)
40 Rojina Maharjan Teacher (Primary)
41 Saloni Nhemafuki Teacher (Lower Secondary)
42 Sangita Dongol Teacher (Primary)
43 Sarina Dangol Teacher (Lower Secondary)
44 Sarmila Manandhar Teacher (Secondary)
45 Saurav Subba Teacher (Secondary)
46 Shirjana Maharjan Teacher (Primary)
47 Shova Shrestha Teacher (Primary)
48 Shreya Mainali Teacher (Language)
49 Shreya Tiwari Teacher (Primary)
50 Shrijana Thapa Karki Teacher (Primary)
51 Sindira Aryal Teacher (Lower Secondary)
52 Sudha Shrestha Teacher (Primary)
53 Usha Kiran Jisuki Teacher (Primary)