Bachelor of
Computer Application [BCA]

Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA) is an Information Technology based career that awards the undergraduate degree in Computer Applications. This program provides a sound academic base for an advanced career in computer application. It is a 4 years (8 semesters) degree. This 4 years program in Computer Application has been started with an objective to produce qualified computer software developers having wide range of knowledge in the technical field. Students learn to solve computer based problems of different types of business and industries.

Program's Objectives

The program is designed with the following objectives:
1. To produce professionals in the field of computer application as programmer and software developers.
2. To provide knowledge about various tools and techniques used in software development.
3. To provide students with both practical and theoretical aspect of studies related to computer applications.
4. To enhance the skill of students to create solutions of technical problems that arises in industrial, commercial as well as in government companies.
5. To provide students a fine base to continue their studies further in MIT, MBA, MCA, etc.

Eligibility Condition for Admission

Students from all the faculty are eligible to get admission for the BCA program. PCL or 10+2 passed with minimum 2 CGPA (not less than D+ in single Subject) are eligible for the admission.

Course Cycle

First Semester Credit Hours
CACS101 - Computer Fundamentals & Applications 4
CASO102 - Society & Technology 3
COEN103 - English I 3
CAMT104 - Mathematics I 3
CACS105 - Digital Logic 3
Total 16
Second Semester Credit Hours
CACS151 - C Programming 3
CAAC152 - Financial Accounting 3
CAEN153 - English II 3
CAMT154 - Mathematics II 3
CACS155 - Micro Processor and Computer Architecture 3
 Total 16
Third Semester Credit Hours
CACS201 - Data Structures & Algorithms 3
CAST202 - Probability and Statistics 3
CACS203 - System Analysis and Design 3
CACS204 - OOP in Java 3
CACS205 - Web Technology 3
Total 15
Fourth Semester Credit Hours
CACS251- Operating System 3
CACS252 - Numerical Methods 3
CACS253 - Software Engineering 3
CACS254 - Scripting Language 3
CACS255 - Database Management System 3
CAPJ256 - Project I 2
Total 17
Fifth Semester Credit Hours
CACS301 - MIS and e-Business 3
CACS302- DotNet Technology 3
CACS303 - Computer Networking 3
CAMG304 - Introduction to Management 3
CACS305 - Computer Graphics and Animation 3
Total 15
Sixth Semester Credit Hours
CACS351 - Mobile Programming 3
CAEC352 - Distributed System 3
CAEC353 - Applied Economics 3
CACS354 - Advanced Java Programming 3
CACS355 - Network Programming 3
CAPJ356 - Project II 2
Total 17
Seventh Semester Credit Hours
CACS401 - Cyber Law & Professional Ethics 3
CACS402 - Cloud Computing 3
CAIN403 - Internships 3
Elective I 3
Elective II 3
Total 15
Eight Semester Credit Hours
CAOR451 - Operations Research 3
CAPJ452 - Project III 6
Elective III 3
Elective IV 3
Total 15